All downloads are for individual personal use only, and may not be used for commercial or for-profit activities. You may print out as many as physical copies of my templates as you like for your individual use, but may not use any part of my downloads in other products. This means do not distribute my templates to other individuals, package them with other downloadable planner templates, or sell them through Etsy or other online platforms.

ZIP download links include editable, MS Word 2010 format documents. Also packaged with the Word file are fonts that need to be installed in order for the template to look like the screenshot. (If you open the document and the fonts look different, are too big, cut off weirdly, or extend onto another line, you most likely haven’t installed the fonts correctly.)

Every computer and printer combination is different and may render these Word documents differently – margins may change, the tables may get corrupted, spacing may vary. It is also extremely difficult to troubleshoot or provide assistance on this remotely – often there is no easy answer to give those having problems with the file.

For this reason, it is recommended you print from the PDF file.

PDF downloads are non-editable, have the fonts embedded in the document, and the contents will not change with your margins or resolution or printer settings. What you see is exactly what will print.

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