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“Conceptualizing A Novel” – with Levenger Circa

Conceptualizing A Novel – Journaling, Plots and Characterization” by RJ Blain is a fantastic peek into one author’s writing process using discbound notebooks.

“How I Work: Notebooks” by Mikal.fm

Another great blog post about the various notebooks used everyday by Mikal.fm, including a Levenger Circa Junior.

“The Organized Writer: My Novel’s Notebook” by Jeff Abbott

So this blog post from author Jeff Abbott is all about how he uses the Levenger Circa notebooks in his writing process. It’s an older post, from 2011, but new to me and still an excellent review of how to use discbound notebooks as a writer’s tool.

The Organized Writer: My Novel’s Notebook

The 3 Notebooks Every Writer Should Keep


Really love this! I always buy notebooks with no special purpose, maybe I should try some of these ideas.