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New Sketchbook Happiness!

I LOVE Stillman & Birn sketchbooks! So was very surprised and pleased to receive a Gamma series hardbound sketchbook from a relative who didn’t know they were my absolute favorite. My only other experience has been with the Zeta 7×7 series so far, so I’m really looking forward to comparing the different paper types in each.

I am forcing myself to wait until I finish at least my Zeta series sketchbook and my Moleskine Watercolor sketchbook (both about half-way through) – and maybe my own discbound sketchbook – before starting this one, but was so excited to get this I immediately opened it.


The Stillman & Birn Gamma Series sketchbook.

Now, I have this thing where I NEVER put anything on the very first page of a new notebook or sketchbook, and must always make a page or two of pen scribbles on the backmost pages instead. I followed tradition and made a few tentative fountain pen marks, but then decided ‘eh, why not!’ and decided to go whole hog on the very front page. If I don’t get to it for another year or more, at least I’ll have commemorated receiving the sketchbook!

I used my Stabilo 68 mini markers and beloved Pentel Waterbrush, and am impressed with how well the paper stood up to the wash. You can barely tell on the other side.


My new Stillman & Birn Gamma series sketchbook handles the waterbrush well!

Rainbow time.

Because this morning needed a rainbow in it! Love these Stabilo 68 minis.


Stabilo Minis and Lamy Safari Neon Coral



Stabilos – the best pen you’ve never heard of.

Looking at my glorious stash of pens on my desk today, and am still surprised these Stabilo pens don’t get more recognition! They are so underrated here in the US it seems.
Anyways, I couldn’t resist pairing the same colors of the cute little Stabilo 68 minis (on the left, different colored bodies) to the normal size Stabilo 88 pens (on the right, all in yellow bodies). Such delicious color!!

Edited to add:
I wanted to comment on availability here in the US. Whereas Staedtler seems to have reasonable representation across stores like Target, Michaels, Staples, Office Depot /Max, I can’t say the same about Stabilo. I’ve only ever seen them in local specialty art stores. Perhaps because Stabilo is a UK-based company? Either way, it’s very surprising. I’ve had to turn to favorite online sources like JetPens, Dick Blick, and Amazon. Amazon in particular has the full set of 25 Stabilo 88 pens right now for only $15, a fantastic deal. I am on my phone now but will add a link later.




Tools for the Happy Yellow Rhodia

Barnes & Noble sells sets of these mesh office supply pouches, and as it turns out, the smallest one is the perfect size for carrying around my set of mini Stabilo 68’s and pigment liner pens.


Weekend Updates from the Happy Yellow Rhodia

Finally, a nice quiet weekend where I had time to update the Happy Yellow Rhodia.

Saturday August 23rd – Visit to the Dog Park

Friday August 22nd – Candy Overload!

Wednesday August 20th – Work can be FUN

Tuesday August 12th – The Commute.

Stabilo 68’s with a Waterbrush


While I was thrilled with the color wash possibilities of the Stabilo 88’s, I hadn’t tried out the Stabilo 68 Mini Pens yet. Here are the results in my Stillman and Birn Zeta Series 7×7 sketchbook. I am pleased to see the color wash effects are just as pretty!

Yay Color!

Colorful things make my soul happy. Mm mm mmm.IMG_20140617_172442

Mmm, early birthday goodies!

Bought this cheerful golden yellow blank Rhodiarama notebook over the weekend (with some other fun stuffs of course), and decided to try and use it as an art journal, since the Field Notes had such abysmal paper. Welcome to the Happy Yellow Rhodia!