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Visiting with the Happy Yellow Rhodia

Just because it’s been a long time since I posted any peeks into my art journal.

Attending the first ever Colorado Pen Show in October:


Exploring the French Quarter in New Orleans:


More vacation travels:


Spending time on this beach in Honduras:


DIY Circa Sketchbook Follow-Up

I posted back in October about creating a watercolor sketchbook in a discbound format, and thought ‘d show how it currently looks.

I’m still using clear plastic front and back covers as in my previous post, but in the interest of an even slimmer and more portable sketchbook, swapped out the pretty 3/4″ Spectra discs for the plain but smaller 1/2″ discs. I’ve added a matching black adhesive Leuctthurm1917 pen loop. The coversheet is from the now-defunct Office Depot Revolution brand notebooks.


My DIY Discbound Sketchbook

Side view:


Open layout:


Another view:


All in all, still very pleased with how it turned out, but now its even more purse-friendly!


Strathmore Black Artist Tiles

Grabbed these goodies at my local art store today during my lunch break, they seemed like so much fun I couldn’t resist! Strathmore Artist Tiles with black paper, and a white Sakura Gelly Roll pen.


White ink on black paper definitely adds an interesting perspective to doodling!


I even added some gold touches with another Gelly Roll pen at the end.


Experiments with color.

Experimenting with Tombow marker shading tonight.


My DIY Circa Sketchbook

So, I was inspired after seeing the sketchbooks others have made (see my post from yesterday). So I decided to make a discbound sketchbook with some Levenger Circa discs and watercolor paper. I had a pad of Canson 9″ x 12″ and trimmed it down to fit a clear plastic Circa/Arc /Office Depot Revolution cover.


The watercolor paper came in a pad of 15 sheets. Each was cut in half and needed half an inch on the top edge trimmed per page, and they fit perfectly in the Office Depot Revolution clear plastic cover I’m using. The pages ended up being slightly wider than the usual Circa/Arc refill page size. And picking a disc color was hard! I decided to try the Levenger Circa Spectra discs I just got because they are fun and colorful.


I decided I wanted the new DIY Circa sketchbook coversheet that goes under the clear plastic cover needed to have lots of blue, to match the discs. I found this perfect sized wooden board at my art store, it’s perfect for this paper size.


The finished inside cover of the DIY Circa sketchbook.


These Levenger Circa Spectra discs you guys, are going to drive me INSANE. I have developed a compulsive need for all the stripes to line up just so. If they don’t – which happens every page turn – it’s just ALL WRONG. ARGH.


All in all, I really like how this turned out. Excited to see how it works in regular use.

Discbound Sketchbooks

I am intrigued with the idea of using a Levenger Circa or Staples Arc notebook as a sketchbook or art journal. Levenger used to carry a Junior-sized sketchbook (Circa with art quality paper) years ago, but it must not have done well because it hasn’t been back since. I’m pondering what type of paper to cut down and punch for it, and turned to the Interwebs for inspiration. I didn’t find a ton, but what I found was very inspiring! Turns out, I’m not alone in pondering using Circas for art.

Celtic Lass started this forum thread talking about Circa sketchbooks.

Glenn Vilppu’s Sketchbook Portfolio page talks about Circa resells discbound notebook packages and describes his supplies. Check out his website here. And his really unique trifold circa system here.

Red Harp Arts discusses their Staples Arc sketchbook used when doing urban sketching on their blog here. How awesome does this look?

Photo Source: Red Harp Arts Blog

Anne at A Year of Living Disney shares her fantastic 6 x 6 discbound watercolor sketchbook. Check out her blog for more pics and details of her traveling art kit.

Photo Source: Anne, A Year of Living Disney

Ruth Altheim on Flickr has a fantastic set of pics of her Color Book, which she created using a Junior (8 1/2 x 5 1/2″) Circa using Levenger disks, Levenger notebook paper and custom hole punched watercolor pages. What a great idea! I love the concept of doing color charts in a Circa. See her gallery – and full size pics – here.


Photo Source: Ruth Altheim

Sharon Brogan on Flickr has some great pics of how she created an art journal out of a Circa notebook. Check out her photos here.


Photo Source: Sharon Brogan

Irena at Just Crazy About Dogs describes how she created sketchbooks from Staples Arc notebooks in her great blog post here – check it out for more pics and examples.

Photo Source: Irena at Just Crazy About Dogs

Photo Source: Irena at Just Crazy About Dogs

More TV doodling.

This time while watching Agents of SHIELD.


Happy International Coffee Day!

My Happy Yellow Rhodia entry for today.


Don’t Worry, About A Thing.

Today’s art journal entry, because I’ve had this song stuck in my head all week.


Evening Doodling

Just doing some zentangle doodling tonight in front of the TV.