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Visiting with the Happy Yellow Rhodia

Just because it’s been a long time since I posted any peeks into my art journal.

Attending the first ever Colorado Pen Show in October:


Exploring the French Quarter in New Orleans:


More vacation travels:


Spending time on this beach in Honduras:


Happy International Coffee Day!

My Happy Yellow Rhodia entry for today.


Don’t Worry, About A Thing.

Today’s art journal entry, because I’ve had this song stuck in my head all week.


Tools for the Happy Yellow Rhodia

Barnes & Noble sells sets of these mesh office supply pouches, and as it turns out, the smallest one is the perfect size for carrying around my set of mini Stabilo 68’s and pigment liner pens.


Weekend Updates from the Happy Yellow Rhodia

Finally, a nice quiet weekend where I had time to update the Happy Yellow Rhodia.

Saturday August 23rd – Visit to the Dog Park

Friday August 22nd – Candy Overload!

Wednesday August 20th – Work can be FUN

Tuesday August 12th – The Commute.

Weekend updates from the Happy Yellow Rhodia.

We saw  Guardians of the Galaxy and I loved it! Dancing Baby Groot stole the entire movie.


New Job Euphoria!

So, major life lesson learned. When you get the news you have been offered a new job, and start to clean out your non-essential electronic files in a fit of new job euphoria, make sure your spreadsheet of essential passwords isn’t one of them. Just saying.

In other news, I start a new job on Monday!!! After 7 years as a Tax Accountant, I will be moving on as a Systems Accountant. I’m super excited!!



Updates from the Happy Yellow Rhodia

Just some highlights from this past week as shown in my Happy Yellow Rhodia art journal. My sketching skills aren’t great, but I am enjoying my attempts at trying to do this every day or so.




Announcing my new address here


My daily Happy Yellow Rhodia entry to let my Instagram followers know my new blog address.

I will still update Tumblr, but was really looking for a place where I didn’t have to wade through endless reblogs (my own fault but stuff is so rebloggable dangit!) to find my posts… ON MY OWN PAGE haha! So am liking WordPress so far.

Yellow Stuff, Yellow Stuff, On My Desk

Yellow stuff, yellow stuff, on my desk! The new Moleskine XS Shell Case, my Happy Yellow Rhodia, a yellow orange glitter gel pen, and my Samsung Tab 3 in its golden yellow Moko Case.