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2020 is LIVE!!!

Happy New Year everyone!! The 2020 planner printables are now live! Thanks again for your patience.

Some notes:

  • You must open them in Adobe Acrobat X or compatible reader; you do not need a password to open and print them. If its asking for a password you don’t have the right version of PDF viewer.
  • If you see any typos, bad dates or copy/paste errors or other things that need fixing, as always please let me know
  • There are some new versions like a letter size quarterly and letter size “big boxes”; likewise there are some versions that may not have been updated
  • Special sizes like MiniHappyPlanner or TN (A5 Slim) sized downloads are under the Extras and Prototypes page

Happy planning!!

2020 Pages

Hi everyone! Seasons Greetings!!

I know you’ve been waiting patiently for the 2020 Pretty Pretty Planner. I apologize for the delay …. these are a labor of love and life got crazy hectic this holiday, but they are almost finished! Have the Letter sizes done, just finishing up Junior sizes now. I should have them posted for download by New Years, if not sooner.

Thanks again for your support and enthusiasm for these planner pages.

New Printables! But not 2020 yet.

Hey everyone. I have some new printables that I’ve been playing with. Not the regular lineup for 2020 yet (I know that school is starting and you will be looking for them!) ….. I will be getting started on those soon.

As usual, all Junior Size download links are listed at the bottom of the Junior Pretty Pretty Planner page. All A5 Slim pages are at the bottom of the Extras/Prototypes page. Also as usual, all downloads are in a locked PDF format that allows printing only (no password necessary to open and print, you must have Adobe X compatible PDF reader).


2019 Quarterly Calendar (Dated)

“Better Midori” 1 page version (Undated)

Weekly Dashboard (Undated)

A5 Slim (TN size) Weekly Dashboard (On the PPP Extras/Prototypes page!)

Meal Planner (Undated)


Undated Weekly in Mini HP

Because I didn’t have any real-life pics for yesterday’s post. 😁 You can find this and an Undated Daily in the Mini Happy Planner size under the Extras and Prototypes tab.

New Undated Weekly/Daily Prototypes in New Sizes!

Playing around and created my new favorite weekly and daily layouts in both A5 Slim (Travelers Notebook size) and Mini HP size. They are prototypes so may have bugs and/or haven’t been tested 100% – basically I threw them together so I could play with them right away. Check out the Pretty Pretty Planner Extras tab to download them.

NOTE: These sizes print on normal 8.5 x 11″ paper in landscape mode. You will have to cut the pages after printing to get the right size.

For A5 Slim size, trim the page width to 4.5″ from the edge to the center. This will result in an insert that is 8.5″ tall x 4/5″ wide – technically a TN is only 8/25″ tall, so trim some extra off the top and bottom if that is important to you – I left mine at 8.5″ tall to match the paper as its one less cut for me.


For Mini HP size, trim the width to 4.5″ but then also trim the bottom of the page off so the final height is 7″. Sorry I have no cut markers, as I have no idea how to do that in Microsoft Word haha.


A5 Slim Weekly Planner

A5 Slim Daily Planner

New UNDATED Weekly “Midori-Style” Planner Versions

I liked the idea of my new “Midori-Style” weekly planners a lot, but needed to tweak some aspects of the second notes page – I like more trackers and meal plan stuffs. And didn’t really like the color blocking of the dated version I released, so wanted to tweak that too. And now I have a couple of undated versions I’m really excited to try. So if you don’t care about writing in your own dates (like me!) then you are in luck because they are now on the Junior downloads page! Super basic, no monthly calendars (they are available separately never fear), no mini monthly calendars, nothing I have to update later haha. Quick, easy and colorful. ♥

Version A:


Version B:JrMidoriStyle-UndatedB

Coming Soon (Maybe?): New Daily Planner in Junior size

Is there anybody hankering for a daily version of the Pretty Pretty Planner? Once I had the format for my new “Midori Style” week on one page planner, it was pretty easy to get from there to this Daily page with notes. It actually brings back fond memories of old Franklin Covey planners I used to have. If I keep developing it, I will have to decide between doing a full page for notes, just like the old Franklin Coveys (the version shown below), or just putting the days next to each other and skipping the extra notes page. Adding each two-page spread is SLOOOOW going though, doing a page for every day makes for some huge files! So I think I will have to break them up by month. And it may take a few days to finish – definitely will be a beast to update next year too! But ultimately will look like this (a different color for each month):


I really like how it turned out! Although not entirely sure what to do with the extra “Notes” box….

Coming Soon: Midori/Hobonichi Style in Junior size!

What to do when you love the layout of the Hobonichi Weeks or Midori weekly planners, but still want to use your discbound notebooks? Well, you spend all last night after dinner coming up with THIS. 😁 Working on a new Junior size planner version now in this format, a week on one page with a full page for notes. Coming soon!


UPDATE 2/12/19: This is now available for download! Go to the Junior downloads page and scroll to the last item in the table. As usual, let me know if you encounter any issues. Enjoy!


UPDATE on May 23rd Date

Hi all. I posted a couple of weeks ago about missing May 23rd in certain Junior size PDF downloads. After getting a couple of reports that the downloads still were missing a date, I checked every Junior size PDF I have for 2019. They all have May 23rd, in all formats. I’ve also deleted from the Mediafire upload folder, and reuploaded these correct PDFs again, just to make completely sure. If any users are still downloading a PDF with missing May 23rd date, all I can suggest is to please clean your web browser history and cache in case the old files are somehow saved in your browser settings, cleaning this history should force it to download the newer file. Other than that, I’m at a loss as to what else to suggest. Email me using the contact form on the About Me page, and I can email the newest PDF to you directly.

Did you know?

Did you know……that the Pretty Pretty Planner is made with sticker users in mind? Back in 2015 when I designed the PPP I wanted Erin Condren/Happy Planner sticker fans to be able to use their sticker stashes on my printable too (even if I didn’t use any stickers myself at the time). So I made the columns just over 1.5″ wide. I even made a “Big Boxes” version (shown here, on top of the “Classic” PPP with shorter sections) of the Pretty Pretty Planner just to make room for larger stickers each day. I found these adorable Sweet Kawaii Design stickers at Michaels recently, and they fit PERFECTLY in my Junior size (half letter size) Pretty Pretty Planner weekly columns. And look how cute they look with the PPP colors! 😍