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Levenger SmartAgenda Planner

The new Levenger SmartAgenda Planner pages – in my Levenger Circa Junior notebook with 3/4″ aluminum discs and the Staples Arc leather(ish) cover and my orange demonstrator Pilot Prera.

Why Grid Paper is TEH AWESOME

Let’s talk about grid paper. I LOVE it! BUT…. not just any grid paper. In all the notebooks I’ve tried, most have issues. Moleskine I liked the grid size, but the paper wasn’t great with fountain pens. Rhodia has great paper, but the lines are a crazy dark purple. Levenger has grid refills, but the squares are huge and the lines too dark again. That’s my problem – I’m an accountant with some design tendencies, so like the organization the grids offer. Dots are WAY to loosey-goosey for me! But, I’m a visual person, and lines that are too dark distract me. It’s a Catch-22! Finally I just had to create my own grid refills for my Levenger Circa notebook.

Nib Porn and Iroshizuku Tsut-Suji

Because this ink is gorgeous! Pilot Iroshizuku Tsutsuji (Azalea) in a Pilot Prera demonstrator.


This is my Frankennotebook. I took a Clairefontane Pupitre grid notebook I loved the paper in, but wanted something smaller and more portable. So I chopped the pages in half and Circa-fied it using my Staples Arc punch and some Levenger discs I had laying around. Much better.

P. S. – of all the pics I’ve taken of my slate gray Pilot Prera, this one by far is the closest in terms of showing how light a gray it really is.