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Current Inks: 06/15

Inked Pens: June 4th

Ink Sample Archives

So back when I first got into fountain pens, I would keep a meticulous list every week of what pen was inked with what ink. You know, in case I forgot. I found this page from 2009/early 2010 in my notebook archive. Kinda nice to see some old favorites again.

Ink Sampler Review


Mini-summary of my first round of sampler inks (the last 4 in the image above):

  • Diamine Ancient Copper = MUST BUY cause it’s full of Awesomeness
  • Diamine Majestic Purple = pretty, mid-tone purple, not too dark or not too light. I like it and will probably get a bottle, it seems like the perfect purple to have in my ink inventory.
  • Diamine Syrah = kinda meh about it. A nice burgundy wine-esque red, but also kinda on the dull side; didn’t wow me.
  • Noodlers Bay State Blue = beautiful vibrant blue ink that leaps off the page. Pen started to get a little skippy after about two weeks, with it not starting immediately and skipping during strokes. When cleaning the pen, the ink took FOREVER to clean out of the pen, and the converter will probably forever be my blue converter now. But still, such a pretty blue!! Hard to say if I’ll get a bottle or not.