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I love color, can you tell?

Colorful stuff on my desk! My Staples Arc Compact, Lamy Safari Fountain pen, Stabilo 88’s, and assorted accessories.



Embrace the Neon!


Embrace the yumminess that is the Lamy Safari Neon Yellow fountain pen. Resistance is futile.

Groovy Rainbow Circa

So, my new scrapbook cover for my Levenger Circa notebook might be a little TOO psychedelic. For a work notebook anyways. But I kinda love it! This was the best $0.14 scrapbook paper I’ve found at Michael’s yet.


It’s a Circa, it’s a rainbow, it’s AWESOME.

Look how perfectly this paper matches the Circa Tab Dividers I already had! Also shown are 3/4″ aluminum discs in the now-discontinued plum color. And I just happen to have its counterpart colors in Lamy Safari fountain pens!


Rainbow Circa, meet the Lamy Safari. You were meant to be.

As usual, most of the inside of my Circa is always the undated daily template I created. It let’s me track my project time and write notes in an unobtrusive grid, with a full page grid on the back. It is available on my blog for free download here.


This planner template works perfectly for me.

I use the tab dividers as separators for Calendar, Todo’s, Reference, Personal (since I use it primarily for work, I sometimes want to keep personal stuff too) and whatever else I want to keep organized! Shown here is another year-on-two-pages calendar template I made, it’s available in my templates section although I haven’t updated it for 2015 yet.


The calendar section, another custom template of mine.

Just thought I’d share this glimpse into my main Circa notebook.

I’ve got a pocket, got a pocket full of sunshine…

Okay, not a pocket full, a whole cup full of sunshine on my desk at work – just what I needed on this cold dark rainy day here in Colorado.


Currently Inked Pens – 08/25/2017

Loving these new ink colors I posted about yesterday! And even more so the colors of the pens I filled – this combo makes me so happy, I just want to look at it all day.





“A Beginner’s Take on the Lamy Safari …”

ThisĀ review from Joshua Ginter and The Newsprint of a beginning user’s perspective of the Lamy Safari Fountain Pen has some really fantastic photos!!

This Week’s Inks

Annnnnd …. this week’s inks are exactly the same as last weeks. Because I liked this combo too much this week to change it over the weekend. And, let’s be honest, the thought of cleaning pens wasn’t at all appealing.