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Groovy Rainbow Circa

So, my new scrapbook cover for my Levenger Circa notebook might be a little TOO psychedelic. For a work notebook anyways. But I kinda love it! This was the best $0.14 scrapbook paper I’ve found at Michael’s yet.


It’s a Circa, it’s a rainbow, it’s AWESOME.

Look how perfectly this paper matches the Circa Tab Dividers I already had! Also shown are 3/4″ aluminum discs in the now-discontinued plum color. And I just happen to have its counterpart colors in Lamy Safari fountain pens!


Rainbow Circa, meet the Lamy Safari. You were meant to be.

As usual, most of the inside of my Circa is always the undated daily template I created. It let’s me track my project time and write notes in an unobtrusive grid, with a full page grid on the back. It is available on my blog for free download here.


This planner template works perfectly for me.

I use the tab dividers as separators for Calendar, Todo’s, Reference, Personal (since I use it primarily for work, I sometimes want to keep personal stuff too) and whatever else I want to keep organized! Shown here is another year-on-two-pages calendar template I made, it’s available in my templates section although I haven’t updated it for 2015 yet.


The calendar section, another custom template of mine.

Just thought I’d share this glimpse into my main Circa notebook.

This Week’s Inked Pens

I end the week with slightly different pens and inks from when I started on Monday – the ink all up in my Kakuno feed just annoyed me too much, and if I was gonna flush that… Well, in for a penny, in for a pound haha. The inks: Pilot Metropolitan = Iroshizuku Yama-Budo. Pilot Kakuno = Diamine Graphite. Lamy Apple Green = Iroshizuku Kon-Peki. Lamy Lime = Iroshizuku Tsutsuji. Lamy Neon Coral = Platinum Carbon Black.


The inks in each pen. It’s a good thing the ink samples take me awhile to go through, cause I’d have to buy all 3 of the Iroshizuku inks otherwise!


This Week’s Inks

This week’s ink choices! Man this Metropolitan M is a fat line in comparison!

And the pens:

The New Hotness in a Moko Case

This new tablet case is just so fantastic. A murky, mottled dark gden orangey yellow. It’s a Moko Smart-shell Stand Case from Amazon.


Husband was helping to set up the device the morning I got it, and we were rushed cause stupid work had to happen. So he’s all, what is the device name? And I’m like ummmm “New Hotness.” Because that line from Men In Black is apparently forever ingrained in my brain.

IMG_20140623_163008 IMG_20140623_163413

The side view if the Moko Smart-shell Stand Case (purchased from Amazon). Reviews on Amazon said the stand worked horribly, but its working well for me so far! Love this thing.

Yay Color!

Colorful things make my soul happy. Mm mm mmm.IMG_20140617_172442

Mmm, early birthday goodies!

Bought this cheerful golden yellow blank Rhodiarama notebook over the weekend (with some other fun stuffs of course), and decided to try and use it as an art journal, since the Field Notes had such abysmal paper. Welcome to the Happy Yellow Rhodia!






Pen Cleaning Day = Lamy Photo Op Day!

Sunday was pen cleaning time, perfect for some Lamy Safari fountain pen love.

Inked Pens: June 4th

More Field Notes Fun!

Customizing another Field Notes notebook.

tumblr_n6odkxL0cZ1rpq9lso1_500 tumblr_n6odkxL0cZ1rpq9lso2_1280 tumblr_n6odkxL0cZ1rpq9lso3_1280 tumblr_n6odkxL0cZ1rpq9lso4_1280

Quo Vadis Habana Notebook

I’m always on the hunt for fountain pen friendly notebooks and have this sickness: even though I don’t really USE them regularly, I can’t resist buying them. I’ve tried Moleskines, Leucchturm, Rhodia WebNotebooks, and Clairefontaine – and recently succumbed to temptation and had to try the Quo Vadis Habana. As a new user of the Habana line, I thought I’d share my impressions of this turquoise beauty.

First of all, how great is this color?? Of course I couldn’t resist it. How great does it look with the 2014 Limited Edition Neon Coral Lamy Safari?

I chose the blank journal because I like having the flexibility in case I wanted to use it for journaling, but also can’t write in a straight line to save my life. So I created some ruled/grid guides to place behind the paper. It works AWESOMELY. The red stapler is to weight the page down enough to see the lines in the pic.

I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about the cream color, but I actually really like it.

Also, I need to comment on how soft this paper is. Cause it’s like SILK. I literally want to just sit and stroke it. Mmmm, soft. AND it lays flat. Like, easily and without any resistance. It’s like a miracle notebook.

And of course, it’s amazing with fountain pens!!

All in all, I am really impressed with this notebook so far. Once I actually find a regular use for it, I’m sure I might have more. But for now, I really am glad I bought it.