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Pen Cleaning Day = Lamy Photo Op Day!

Sunday was pen cleaning time, perfect for some Lamy Safari fountain pen love.

The Underrated Black n’ Red Notebook

Some examples of my quotes notebook, I keep it with me to always be ready to jot down something without regard for handwriting or notating ink colors or anything. I LOVE this Black ‘n Red Notebook, it has amazingly good paper for fountain pens and is super affordable to boot. It’s at most office supply stores like Office Depot or Staples, and is seriously underrated I think.

Can you tell I like orange?

The Koi Watercolors Pocket Field Sketch Box set with my Kipling 100-pen set and my Lamy Safari Flame. Love how all the colors match, even though I got the items at separate times.

Lamy Red-Clip Love

Giving some love to these less-often used pens in my collection, the 2004 Flame with red clip and the 2006 Royal Blue with red clip.

What My Pens Are Named – Part 3

So, let’s recap. I bought my first Lamy, the Charcoal, in December 2008. Less than two months later, through a combo of online, in-store and ebay purchases, I had SIX of them, the latest being the limited edition Lamy Flame – and four bottles of ink! I named her Angelina Tangerina, because nothing rhymes with orange. And a song popped up randomly on my ipod that day, “Angelina/Zooma zooma” by Louis Prima, and the lyrics go “I eat antipasti twice, just because she is so nice, Angelina. Angelina, the waitress at the pizzeria” and I was like EUREKA! Angelina rhymes with Tangerina! And its vaguely pizza colored ish! And that became her name forevermore

Come on Lamy, we need purple!

Recently bought the Hero clone of the Lamy Safari, aka, the “Fauxfari” (credit goes to somebody online I can’t remember haha), and it’s okay. It was affordable, writes very smoothly, but is a noticeably different quality from the regular Lamy line. When taking a picture of the whole collection, it really highlights why a purple color is needed! Come on Lamy, what gives?

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