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Pen Cleaning Day = Lamy Photo Op Day!

Sunday was pen cleaning time, perfect for some Lamy Safari fountain pen love.

Inked Pens: June 4th

New Pen! The Hero Lamy Clone. IN PURPLE.

So, the chinese Lamy Safari pen clone from Hero that I ordered – IN PURPLE – from Ebay arrived!! Here are some first pics – more will follow soon. So far, it seems nearly identical to the Lamy.

tumblr_mus66j26KV1rpq9lso4_1280 tumblr_mus66j26KV1rpq9lso3_1280 tumblr_mus66j26KV1rpq9lso2_1280 tumblr_mus66j26KV1rpq9lso1_1280

Hero: the Lamy Safari Clone

Comparisons of the Hero Lamy Safari clone against other Lamys. The Hero with M nib is filled with Diamine Ancient Copper – the Lamy Safari with M nib is filled with Diamine Majestic Purple. Just because it pleased me, bwahahaha!

tumblr_mus6fiJ2IJ1rpq9lso3_1280 tumblr_mus6fiJ2IJ1rpq9lso2_1280 tumblr_mus6fiJ2IJ1rpq9lso1_500 tumblr_mus6fiJ2IJ1rpq9lso4_500 tumblr_mus6fiJ2IJ1rpq9lso5_1280

Come on Lamy, we need purple!

Recently bought the Hero clone of the Lamy Safari, aka, the “Fauxfari” (credit goes to somebody online I can’t remember haha), and it’s okay. It was affordable, writes very smoothly, but is a noticeably different quality from the regular Lamy line. When taking a picture of the whole collection, it really highlights why a purple color is needed! Come on Lamy, what gives?

tumblr_mus6riAptN1rpq9lso4_1280 tumblr_mus6riAptN1rpq9lso3_1280 tumblr_mus6riAptN1rpq9lso2_1280 tumblr_mus6riAptN1rpq9lso1_500

Today’s Work Tools

Levenger Circa Notebook with custom cover and Lamy Safari fountain pens. The one downside to my fine-nibbed pens? They REALLY don’t like writing on sticky notes.