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What My Pens Are Named – Part 5

What My Pens Are Named – Part 5

Continuing the What My Pens Are Named series. This Limited Edition Lamy Safari was tough to name. After narrowly avoiding Leonardo di Limeo, I was listening to the “Put the lime in the coconut” song, and so it became Lyminda Coconut instead. You can see I somehow stained the rim reddish, I have no clue what ink did that. Oh well, my pens are definitely broken in and well used!

The Limited Edition Apple Green Lamy Safari was easier, it of course became Granny Smith, after the type of apple.

The Limited Edition Neon Yellow Lamy Safari, (which continues to defy having its true highlighter yellow color captured by my phone camera) is named Zazzles. Because it’s just so zazzle-y.

And, all together now!

What My Pens Are Named – Part 6

What My Pens Are Named – Part 6


Continuing the “What My Pens Are Named” series, my white Lamy is named the Snow Queen. NOT Elsa from Frozen! I had the traditional Hans Christian Andersen Snow Queen in mind here, way before Disney made their movie. 🙂


This was a tough pen to name! I pondered Scarlett, Carmen, Ruby, Lola, Rose…. Nothing seemed to fit! So instead, it is just Red.


My pink Lamy is Strawberry Shortcake. I got this not long after Skeletor and Papa Smurf, so was still in my cartoon phase haha. And I loved that cartoon as a kid.

Neon Coral:

I named my new Neon Coral pen! It is such a happy coraly tropical color, I named it after the beautiful Bougainvillea flowers I saw while vacationing in the Caribbean last year. So, Bogie for short. 😀 Which just brings Humphrey Bogart to mind, which seems incongruent with a pink red pen, but I actually kinda love that too.

All of them together:

What My Pens Are Named – Part 2

Next in line is the limited edition blue with red clip – my 5th pen, and I found it in ebay back in 2009 for a steal before the prices became crazy high for it. I’m telling you, nothing has enabled this Lamy addiction for me as much as Ebay has. Anyways, as soon as I saw the great sky blue with red cap detail, I knew. Who else could it be but Papa Smurf?? I still really love the blue, and sometimes go back and forth about wishing it had a silver clip too – have to be honest, the red doesn’t always do it for me. But I love it anyway. So, feel free to sing the Smurfs theme song every time you see this pen now.

What My Pens Are Named – Part 3

So, let’s recap. I bought my first Lamy, the Charcoal, in December 2008. Less than two months later, through a combo of online, in-store and ebay purchases, I had SIX of them, the latest being the limited edition Lamy Flame – and four bottles of ink! I named her Angelina Tangerina, because nothing rhymes with orange. And a song popped up randomly on my ipod that day, “Angelina/Zooma zooma” by Louis Prima, and the lyrics go “I eat antipasti twice, just because she is so nice, Angelina. Angelina, the waitress at the pizzeria” and I was like EUREKA! Angelina rhymes with Tangerina! And its vaguely pizza colored ish! And that became her name forevermore

What My Pens Are Named – Part 4

Continuing the “What My Pens Are Named” theme. So my hubby was digging through a kitchen drawer over the weekend, and holds up the barrel to this pen, all “haven’t you been looking for this??” To which I gasp “OMG! IT’S SKELETOR’S BUTT!!” It had been missing for nearly two years now. So yes, my Lamy Vista demonstrator is named Skeletor, from the He-Man cartoon. Because you can see through to his skeleton. DUH.

What My Pens Are Named – Part 1

These are the first three fountain pens I ever bought – so of course, I gave the trio matching names.

This is my very first fountain pen ever, the Lamy Safari Charcoal bought back in December 2008 at a local art store – I named all my pens, so because of this one’s charcoally nature and because I love the movie, it was dubbed The Dread Pirate Roberts.

Seriously, before a week was out I’d bought my second fountain pen, the Blue with black clip. Because it was so very deep blue, of course it became Indigo Montoya, a play on the movie’s Inigo Montoya. Shown here is the silver clipped version, technically Indigo Montoya II.

Who else could my third pen be but Princess Buttercup?? Again the II. The first one with the black clip somehow got some contaminated ink and has smelled gross ever since, no matter how I clean it. So she’s currently in quarantine indefinitely – this is Princess Buttercup II. I’ll start posting more pics of my pens and their names eventually, but this concludes the Princess Bride Trilogy.