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Strathmore Black Artist Tiles

Grabbed these goodies at my local art store today during my lunch break, they seemed like so much fun I couldn’t resist! Strathmore Artist Tiles with black paper, and a white Sakura Gelly Roll pen.


White ink on black paper definitely adds an interesting perspective to doodling!


I even added some gold touches with another Gelly Roll pen at the end.


More TV doodling.

This time while watching Agents of SHIELD.


Evening Doodling

Just doing some zentangle doodling tonight in front of the TV.



Exercises in Zentangle Doodling

So I got one of those Zentangle books in an effort to spur on some doodling inspiration. The lesson learned from last night’s doodles: sometimes it’s okay to leave them in black and white, cause color doesn’t always look better.