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Koi Watercolors Color Mixing Chart

I was inspired recently by getting some tubes of Reeves Watercolor paint in my Christmas stocking to get out my Koi Watercolors Pocket Field Sketch Box, 24 Color Set and create a color chart. But it’s been about 18 years since my college art classes, so I kinda forgot how to set one up! So off to the Interwebs I went in search of instructions on how to create a basic color chart, and really liked this tutorial from Jenny’s Sketchbook: How To Make A Watercolor Chart.

So here is the fruit of my labor, I really like how it turns out. I think next time I may follow the steps linked at the bottom of this post to Susan Savad’s site – it incorporates white into each of the color mixes. But in the meantime, my color chart prettiness!

I wanted to use my custom-made 9′ x 6′ discbound sketchbook for the color chart, so couldn’t fit all 24 colors in my Koi set into a table that fit on the paper. I had to limit myself to 12 colors ( a difficult choice!), and then set up my paper with 12 rows and 12 columns. In the pic below, I’m using a piece of particle-board and some art clips I got at my local art supplies store, it’s perfect for projects like this!


Koi Watercolors Color Chart

Being new to watercolors, it took me awhile to get the hang of mixing colors from pan paints like this, but I got there eventually!


Almost finished here …. one thing I learned is I go through water like crazy. I ended up using one bowl to rinse most of the paint off, then another to do a final swipe before putting in the paint again. But still, I was refilling these CONSTANTLY.


I also need to work on neater “boxes” cause mine were all sorts of messy! I also smeared the last three bottom labels on the bottom, and then tried to cover them with white paint, but then couldn’t write over them well, so they look terrible.


The completed chart! I had such fun making this, the hours literally FLEW by. I’ll definitely refine my technique and do it again.


Some other resources on making Watercolor Charts:

Also Useful: How to Mix Watercolor Paints


Joy Sketches on Tumblr

Check out this Tumblr blog from Joy Sketches not only for this great example of a discbound sketchbook, but for some truly beautiful and colorful artwork too!

Source: Joy Sketches, Tumblr (joysketches.tumblr.com)

New Goodies: Tombow Dual Brush Markers

So, I bought new toys!! Tombow Dual Brush markers. I’m so excited to try them out. It’s funny, I grabbed a prepackaged set first, the “Brights Palette” and then added on supplemental colors individually. All the colors I picked from the display, thinking ‘ooh, THIS is pretty!’ – were already in the pack. I had to laugh. And then I spent half an hour debating the extra colors, and still came away without a true red, blue, or emerald green. Ah, art supply shopping.


Of course, first thing I did was create a color chart in my Stillman & Birn Zeta series 7×7 notebook (available from Goulet Pens). I hope to get time to play with them more soon!



Comparisons: Stabilo 88’s vs Staedtler Fineliners

I’ve done color chart comparisons of Stabilo 88 vs Staedtler Triplus Fineliner pens before, but its hard to get a great idea of how specific color families compare from them. So here are some up close and personal pics and commentary to show the wonderful colors of these pens.

The Blues. The first four from the top to the bottom are the Stabilos – you can tell cause the caps have no clips. The colors are reasonably named and pretty close by brand (particularly Ice Green and French Green), but notice Staedtler has nothing close to a turquoise.


The Violets. Notice how the first three pens, the Stabilos, all are logically named and match their cap colors? Now, compare the remaining Staedtler pens. How is “dark mauve” LIGHTER than normal “mauve”, which has the darker cap? Why does “Lavender” have a light purple cap when it’s a dusky grayish Lilac color?? And don’t even get me started on the color that may or may not be “Tuscan Red”.

The Greens. Notice how Staedtler’s “Lime Green” and “Willow Green” are nearly the same green? And look nothing like their caps? Whereas there is a noticeable difference between Stabilo’s “Leaf green” and “Apple Green” (another favorite of mine) – AND the color matches the caps!

The Reds. When it comes to reds, Staedtler offers more options over the Stabilos. BUT… the cap vs color discrepancy strikes yet again. Does “Carmine” match the cap? What reasonable use would ANYONE ever have for “Light Carmine”!? It’s practically white for pete’s sake. I do like” Bordeaux” though, a nice rose pink.

The Orange/Yellows. First 4 pictured from top to bottom are Stabilos, second 4 are Staedtlers. I’m torn as to which I prefer or find more useful, the Stabilo Apricot, or the Staedtler Peach. Otherwise both brands are pretty similar.

The Dark Blues. I really like all of these. The first two are Stabilos, the other two Staedtlers. Night Blue and Delft Blue are some of my go-to favorites.

The Extras: Browns and Dark Greens. I really like Stabilo’s Pine Green. There is one more olive green in the Staedtler set, but I lent it to the hubby.

And finally, the Blacks/Grays. Notice the big differences in the mid and light gray tones!

Stabilo 68’s with a Waterbrush


While I was thrilled with the color wash possibilities of the Stabilo 88’s, I hadn’t tried out the Stabilo 68 Mini Pens yet. Here are the results in my Stillman and Birn Zeta Series 7×7 sketchbook. I am pleased to see the color wash effects are just as pretty!

Testing out Derwent Metallic Pencils

Playing with these Derwent Metallic Pencils. They aren’t very impressive. Once they’re wet, they’re no longer metallicy and just look like normal watercolor pencils. And they look better in a dark background.

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Koi Watercolors Color Chart

Color chart of my Koi Watercolors Pocket Field Sketch Box set, 24 ct.