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This Week’s Inks

Annnnnd …. this week’s inks are exactly the same as last weeks. Because I liked this combo too much this week to change it over the weekend. And, let’s be honest, the thought of cleaning pens wasn’t at all appealing.


Love this color combo: Caribbean Sea Ink + Turquoise Habana

I really love Caran d’Ache Caribbean Sea with this Quo Vadis Habana turquoise notebook (although the doodle is on Rhodia paper, cause I like to be all confusing that way). And the Pilot Metropolitan REALLY loves this ink!

I am a little sad though that the edge of the Quo Vadis notebook is already dinged up a little – not sure what caused it, it’s only been in my purse with other notebooks and a pencil case. No sharp edges. Oh well, now it looks lived in I guess!


Current Inks: 06/15

Ink Sample Archives

So back when I first got into fountain pens, I would keep a meticulous list every week of what pen was inked with what ink. You know, in case I forgot. I found this page from 2009/early 2010 in my notebook archive. Kinda nice to see some old favorites again.

NOOOO! Not my Caribbean Sea!!


So sad to hear this color has been discontinued! it’s the best turquoise ink out there! Shown next to an Apple Green Lamy Safari fountain pen.