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Updates from the Happy Yellow Rhodia

Just some highlights from this past week as shown in my Happy Yellow Rhodia art journal. My sketching skills aren’t great, but I am enjoying my attempts at trying to do this every day or so.




Announcing my new address here


My daily Happy Yellow Rhodia entry to let my Instagram followers know my new blog address.

I will still update Tumblr, but was really looking for a place where I didn’t have to wade through endless reblogs (my own fault but stuff is so rebloggable dangit!) to find my posts… ON MY OWN PAGE haha! So am liking WordPress so far.

Artist’s Opinions on Keeping A Notebook

I especially related to this quote from Elizabeth Sommerville:

“Journaling is something that I would love to be more disciplined about. There have been several journals that I have started, but then stopped halfway through. (Maybe because I take a nap instead of writing in a journal?!)”

Because, yes. Naps rock.


10 Art Journaling Prompts to Try Out This Summer

This is a great list of 10 simple ideas to use as inspiration for your journal – I might try it myself.


Happy Yellow Rhodia Peek

So, I have to confess. I’ve slacked in keeping up with the Happy Yellow Rhodia. I started to complain and put more serious things from my day, stuck in the mindset that “oh this is like a journal and that’s what you’re supposed to do.” But I’ve decided I wanted it to be a happier book than that. Because, YELLOW. And its super easy to think you’ll catch up if you skip a day, and, then suddenly it’s been TEN DAYS, and you’re all what the heck happened here?? So, here is yesterday’s effort after my mini-hiatus haha.


More Happy Yellow Rhodia Peeks

How I’ve felt all week really haha.


Short and sweet today! I just liked the plane and text colors. 😀


Art Journal Sneak Peeks

Sharing a peek into my happy yellow Rhodiarama art(ish) journal. Carefully censored, of course 😀


I’m not sharing this to brag about birthday stuffs! But I’ve thought about starting a little bitty art journal for a long time now, and was always so intimidated to get started, you know? So now I’m just really proud of myself for keeping it up a whole week now. And am interested in documenting its evolution. Some days its more plain text and wordiness, and some days I jazz it up a little if I feel creative. It all depends on the mood I’m in.


I find it interesting I don’t mind posting snippets here, but would think twice about handing it to someone casually for them to look at. Ah, the Internets. You sneaky thing you! That tug of war between wanting to share and sharing too much. If I were still in school I’d totally write a paper about that, cause that is fascinating stuffs. 😀



Attempts at starting an Art Journal

Testing out doing some weekly art journaling based on an idea I saw in a book I posted about awhile back – the goal to keep track of the “good” things that happened that day. But a whole day was too intimidating, so I tried per week instead, in the Field Notes notebook I just posted pics of. Too bad the Field Notes paper is kinda crappy, as bleedthrough even with the Staedtler Triplus Fineliners and Stabilo 88’s I used here was pretty evident. I like how it turned out overall though.