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Usage Policy

All downloads are for individual personal use only, and may not be used for commercial or for-profit activities. You may print out as many as physical copies of my templates as you like for your individual use, but may not use any part of my downloads in other products. This means do not distribute my templates to other individuals, package them with other downloadable planner templates, or sell them through Etsy or other online platforms. In other words, DON’T BE A JERK.

The PDFs are password protected against any alterations – all you can do with them is download them with an Adobe Acrobat X compatible or higher version reader, and print. Any other PDF programs or older versions of Acrobat may not read the document correctly or allow it to open. You do not need the password to open and print these PDFs (I will not be distributing the password).

How To Print:

PDF downloads are non-editable, have the fonts embedded in the document, and the contents will not change with your margins or resolution or printer settings. What you see is exactly what will print.

These pages were designed to be printed on 8.5 x 11 paper in landscape mode. The pages are meant to be printed double-sided, and then cut in half and punched with a Levenger/Arc punch. Each month or week will be a two-page spread, so you will see both pages of a month or week at one time when the notebook is opened. Some sizes such as the MiniHP and A5 Slim may require trimming of the paper after printing is complete.



Download Links

[No Screenshot Available] DIY Monthly Planner Tabs
Download via MediaFire
1. Jr Daily Appt Grid
1. Daily Appt Grid – Junior
Download via MediaFire
2a. Ltr Daily Appt Grid
Letter_ApptGrid2b. Ltr Daily Appt Lined
Letter_ApptLined2c. Ltd Daily Appt Grid Landscape
2a. Daily Appt Grid – Letter
Download via MediaFire2b. Daily Appt Lined – Letter
Download via MediaFire2c. Daily Appt Grid Landscape – Letter
Download via MediaFire
3a. Jr Full Page Grids & Dots
Junior_FullPageGridDots3b. Jr Full Page Dots 
3a. Full Page Grids & Dots – Junior
Download via MediaFire3b. Full Page Dots – Junior
Download via MediaFire
4a. Ltr Full Page Grid
Letter_FullPageGrid4b. Ltr Full Page Dots
4a. Full Page Grid – Letter
Download via MediaFire4b. Full Page Dots – Letter
Download via MediaFire

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  1. Ghadeh March 24, 2020 at 11:36 am Reply

    Thank you very much , new ideas to manage time , new point of view to wright.

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