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What’s on your bookshelf?

I like peeking at other people’s bookshelves, whether virtual or not. Here’s a same of what’s currently on my Nook HD+.


Nook Screenie: 2/2

A comparison: the original Nook HD+ homescreen, followed by how I customized it with third-party apps. I just wish I could get the original book carousel on my customized screens, but it seems that isn’t possible.

Setup: Apex Launcher with Elegance icons icon set and some wallpaper I found online through Google Images. Clock is using UCCW with the Elegante skin.

Currently Reading: Stardust

Currently Reading Neil Gaiman’s ‘Stardust’  – hoping I enjoy it as much as I did the movie!

Nook Screenie: 12/23

Current Nook HD+ home screen. Apex Launcher with Goolors Elipse icons icon set and some wallpaper from one of the icon packs I have installed. Date is using Minimalistic Text Widget. Quotes widget is using Brilliant Quotes.

Currently Reading: Allegiant

Starting my first day of vacation leave off right! The book maybe not the best choice though….

“now she looks pale and small, but her eyes make me think of wide open skies that I have never actually seen, only dreamed of”

I kind of want to gag. Just a little. ‘Cause OMG so cheesy.

Currently Reading: The Long Earth

Currently reading ‘The Long Earth’ – it really reminds me of Sliders. Anyone remember that tv show?

Currently Reading: The Aviator’s Wife

Just finished The Aviator’s Wife, by Melanie Benjamin. Highly recommend it!