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Yellow Stuff, Yellow Stuff, On My Desk

Yellow stuff, yellow stuff, on my desk! The new Moleskine XS Shell Case, my Happy Yellow Rhodia, a yellow orange glitter gel pen, and my Samsung Tab 3 in its golden yellow Moko Case.

The New Hotness in a Moko Case

This new tablet case is just so fantastic. A murky, mottled dark gden orangey yellow. It’s a Moko Smart-shell Stand Case from Amazon.


Husband was helping to set up the device the morning I got it, and we were rushed cause stupid work had to happen. So he’s all, what is the device name? And I’m like ummmm “New Hotness.” Because that line from Men In Black is apparently forever ingrained in my brain.

IMG_20140623_163008 IMG_20140623_163413

The side view if the Moko Smart-shell Stand Case (purchased from Amazon). Reviews on Amazon said the stand worked horribly, but its working well for me so far! Love this thing.

New Gadget! Happy Birthday To Me!

I woke up to a homemade iced raspberry latte and this amazing birthday gift! I have the bestest husband EVER! I SO wish I didn’t have to go to work now, so I could stay and play with it.

Nook Screenie: 4/6

My Nook HD+ is ready for Spring!

In My Setup: Apex Launcher with Trim icons icon set and some wallpaper I found online through Google Images. Clock is using UCCW with the Elegante skin.

Currently Reading: The Perfume Collector

Just finished reading The Perfume Collector by Kathleen Tessaro. Really enjoyed the characters and setting.

Currently Reading: The Secret Keeper

Currently reading The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton.

Nook HD+ Case Love

Just a quick love note to my Nook HD+ case. It is technically supposed to be Lavender, but you can see how it is a pretty damn close match to the Pantone 2014 Color of the Year, Radiant Orchid. I adore this color. I would seriously make out with it if I could.

(The case is a Poetic Slimline Portfolio case, available on Amazon and Ebay for under $20, and comes in sky blue, lime green, magenta, red, white, and black).