Missing dates found in Pretty Pretty Planner Junior!

Hi everyone. Please read – an issue was reported in the Big Boxes Junior version where the dates of Dec 10 – 12 are missing, throwing off the sequence for December 2020. I have confirmed this is an issue in Big Boxes.

Since I used all of these as guides to update the dates of other Junior versions, there is a chance other versions are impacted too. I will be evaluating, fixing and reposting ASAP.

Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause or have caused, it’s easy to miss some dates when updating these. 😬 It’s why I appreciate you all for serving as my proofing team!


UPDATE 01/05/2020: I have confirmed it was only the Junior BigBoxes version and that has been fixed and a new PDF uploaded – please redownload to get the corrected version of the December 2020 dates.


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