Monthly Archives: February 2019

Coming Soon (Maybe?): New Daily Planner in Junior size

Is there anybody hankering for a daily version of the Pretty Pretty Planner? Once I had the format for my new “Midori Style” week on one page planner, it was pretty easy to get from there to this Daily page with notes. It actually brings back fond memories of old Franklin Covey planners I used to have. If I keep developing it, I will have to decide between doing a full page for notes, just like the old Franklin Coveys (the version shown below), or just putting the days next to each other and skipping the extra notes page. Adding each two-page spread is SLOOOOW going though, doing a page for every day makes for some huge files! So I think I will have to break them up by month. And it may take a few days to finish – definitely will be a beast to update next year too! But ultimately will look like this (a different color for each month):


I really like how it turned out! Although not entirely sure what to do with the extra “Notes” box….


Coming Soon: Midori/Hobonichi Style in Junior size!

What to do when you love the layout of the Hobonichi Weeks or Midori weekly planners, but still want to use your discbound notebooks? Well, you spend all last night after dinner coming up with THIS. 😁 Working on a new Junior size planner version now in this format, a week on one page with a full page for notes. Coming soon!


UPDATE 2/12/19: This is now available for download! Go to the Junior downloads page and scroll to the last item in the table. As usual, let me know if you encounter any issues. Enjoy!