PPP Fan Additions: Alison Innes

Hi everyone! I have been approached a couple of times about Pretty Pretty Planner (PPP) users who created a complementary or add-in sheet to use along with the official inserts from my blog, and wanted to know if I would like to share it with my followers.

Given the issues I have had with stealing of my planners in the past, initially I wasn’t sure how to feel about these requests. After all, my original intention was to make the Pretty Pretty Planner free and as customizable as possible, to suit everybody and anybody’s needs (which is why I used to offer the modifiable Word documents as well as PDFs). But at the same time, while I am all for sharing and promoting the Pretty Pretty Planner, I wasn’t sure how comfortable I would be with people potentially saying their creations were “part” of the Pretty Pretty Planner system.

But I gave it some thought, and I think that as long as these Pretty Pretty Planner friends provide proper source credit and linkage back to this blog AND use it for personal use only, then I’m all for sharing some of these fun complementary additions with everyone. I think the key to my comfort is that it is truly an add-on/complement and not a REPLACEMENT – as in, not an alternate version of the “official” monthly or weekly planner system, which I would have more reservations about approving.

In a great example of this, I was contacted recently by Alison Innes, a Pretty Pretty Planner user who just needed a couple of extra add-ins giving her more room for daily notes to make her PPP system perfect. She wanted her creations to match the regular monthly/weekly planner pages (which I TOTALLY understand), and communicated with me to see if I’d mind if she shared them as “PPP additions”. Which first of all, I LOVE that she cared enough to ask how I felt first. Thanks Alison!! And secondly I really approve of how she phrased the linkage back in her post ‘Getting Organized, 2019 Style‘ – it’s a perfect model of how to provide this linkage/credit as well as providing her own download terms. Her add-in sheets complement the PPP and are even in the same colors!! A sample of her “ppp-day-a-page-letter” notes pages that have all the PPP colors to match the monthly/weekly planner pages:


Please check out her blog post for more info.

I love this idea of shared Pretty Pretty Planner fan-created “additions”, and eventually may create a whole new section of this blog to showcase them. If anybody else has anything similar they’d be interested in sharing, please feel free to contact me!


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