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Pretty Pretty Planner Wish List

I’m always willing to consider new ideas and improvements for future planners. Integrating the monthly calendars with the weekly pages was a common request the past couple of years, and I’ve finally made it work this year. So what are some other wish list items you’d like to see? I’ve heard requests for Academic Year planners, Sunday start planners, and A4/A5 size planners. I know for myself personally, I’d love to try and get a Mini Happy Planner sized template to work too. Maybe even A6. So this is the second part – along with my other post asking what layouts are actually getting used – in getting some info on what to keep updating from year to year. Cause if I add more versions, maybe they will replace something else that is not as popular? Who knows yet. That’s why I’m asking you!

In the meantime, I have been pondering whether I want to add more “color schemes” to the Pretty Pretty Planner. So far there is the “classic” (rainbow) and black and white versions already. What about a Pastels version?


Or maybe a Jewel Tones version?


So let’s start a joint idea list (comment yours here!), and maybe when planning for next year I can be testing out some ideas.


Question for all you Pretty Pretty Planner users!

In updating these planners for 2018, I realized I maintain a LOT of different versions, and wonder how many of them are actually being used. I don’t have any other way to track which are more popular, and this poll will be really helpful in planning for next year. So if you are downloading the 2018 versions this year, please take a minute and let me know which versions and sizes you are using! You should be able to select more than one if you use multiple versions – this is the first time I’ve done a poll on this blog so hopefully it works like I planned! Thanks everyone! =D

2018 Pretty Pretty Planner is LIVE!!!

After a long delay, the 2018 Pretty Pretty Planner printables are finally uploaded and the links are live. Thanks to all for your patience and support!

As mentioned previously, only the non-editable PDFs are being offered this time around. If you want to chat with me about customization or modifications, I added a new email form on the new Contact Me page.

[Update: These PDFs will not allow anything other than opening or printing. Trying to do any other functions will require a password I won’t be making available. It’s inconvenient and unfortunate, but one of the decisions I made in response to the template stealing issues I am experiencing, along with discontinuing the availability of the customizable source Word documents. Also, these PDFs are designed for Adobe Acrobat 10 (X) or greater, and will not open in prior versions. Upgrading your Acrobat is free at Adobe’s website.]

As usual, if you see any mistakes or typos or errors in the templates, please let me know and I’ll fix and re-upload ASAP! I’ve checked and double-checked but something always slips through every year.

I’d also love to see pics of the planner pages in action – it’s so fun seeing how everyone uses them in real life.

Thanks again, and enjoy getting your planners all set up!

Pretty Pretty Planner – Letter Size

Pretty Pretty Planner – Junior Size