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More Evidence Against the Etsy Thief

It’s picture show-and-tell time! Not only is “LMN Creates” (Etsy / Amazon) stealing my Pretty Pretty Planner weekly pages, like I showed pretty damn convincingly in my last post, she is also stealing the monthly layout.

My Pretty Pretty Planner Monthly layout:

“Her” monthly layout – at least she wasn’t as stupid this time as to use the exact same colors. She changed fonts and color schemes and removed my nested grids, but the table boxes are still the same.



But wait! There’s MORE!!
My “Undated Weekly Agenda” posted for free on the DIY Templates page:

And “her” similar planner template as posted on her Facebook page:

Also, my “Undated Daily Schedule and ToDo List” posted for free on the DIY Templates page:

And “her” similar planner template as posted on her Facebook page:


I am now pretty convinced none of the templates she sells are actually her own creation.

Effective Immediately: Download Links Disabled Until 2018 Goes Live

So here’s the deal. Just like last year, I have found another person selling my templates (with minor font changes)  – on Etsy this time. And also like last year, I am pissed.

I admit, life got in the way and I didn’t change how I made the Pretty Pretty Planner available last year, and so I still made the editable Word documents free for download for personal use, as I have since I first started sharing these.

This, in spite of someone even saying “Not surprising someone is selling your work. It’s Dec now and I’ve been using your planners for two years. I need to get 2017 set up”, which believe you me, I had some choice language all lined up in response, because I was feeling attacked and put on the defensive. Whether intended or not, that comment was to me somehow saying that my delay in updating justified or explained this unauthorized selling or distribution of my work. And that was just not helpful, thanks anyways. As this is a free downloads blog, I do stuff when I want and/or am able to. I’m sorry if it doesn’t meet your timing wants. but it doesn’t mean its somehow “understandable” either.

The Pretty Pretty Planner started as a labor of love, and was instead feeling like an obligation. But the Pretty Pretty Planner fans showed love and support, which I appreciated. And it was for you that I finally posted 2017’s version last year.

This year though, I regret to say, I will be doing PDF only. And until I figure some things out while I’m updating for 2018, I have removed all previous download links.

In the meantime, I am publicly calling out “LMSCreates” on Etsy/Amazon for taking my Weekly Horizontal design, changing the fonts/removing some lines or grids and selling it as their own. Pictures don’t lie.

Let’s compare, shall we? Here’s mine:

And here are some of “hers”:
Etsy Link 1

Etsy Link 2

Etsy Link 3

There are more (like here, or here), but I think the pictures speak for themselves (I mean, do you notice how even the daily box gradient color is the exact same as mine, and in the same color order?? UGH). I am reporting her where I can.

In the meantime, stay tuned for 2018.



The Pretty Pretty Planner is still here.

Will there be a 2018 Pretty Pretty Planner? YES.
When? By the end of November.

I would apologize for not having it done sooner, but honestly, I do this for fun on my own time, and just didn’t want to do it before now. It’s a helluva lot of work. And I have let regular posting on this blog fall dormant in favor of Instagram’s easier posting capabilities during 2017. But that does NOT mean I have abandoned the Pretty Pretty Planner.

So, those of you who are still fans and are looking forward to 2018 planners, your patience will be rewarded.