NockCo Pen Cases

Get involved in the fountain pen community long enough and you hear about the pen cases sold by Nock Co. Made of brightly-colored fabric and in varying models, these cases are a fun, casual way to hold your favorite pens. Photos are often posted under the hashtag #nockshots.

The first case I bought was the Sassafras – The Five Pen Bi-Fold, in the Sky Blue/Pink colorway. I wanted something that would hold a few pens. I knew the pen case didn’t have any kind of closure, but decided to try it anyways. The outside is a pretty light blue, textured fabric. The quality and craftsmanship is impressive.



Inside is a hot pink smoother fabric.


But while the case was great, and actually stayed closed surprisingly well, I still missed a closure of some kind. So was drawn to the Lookout – Three Pen Holster. Which had a strap to keep the top flap closed. Also in the same colorway. I love it! The only downside is it doesn’t hold as many pens. And whereas with the Sassafras I could fit two pens in each slot generally, the Lookout is narrower, making that impossible.




And I just love the color!



Update – I added the Brasstown Zip Roll-Up case at the DC Pen Show this August. Guess what colorway? It’s amazing, you can fit so many pens in it!! And even MORE when you use the clips to hold them onto the sleeve pockets.



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