My Planner as an Art Journally Thingy

So my friend Amelia Vincent asked me to write a guest blog about using my planner as an art journal for posting on her blog, My ADHD Life. It’s a series of three guest posts from other bloggers about how they user their planners or journals, read more in her post titled Journals, Scrapbooks and Planners, Oh My.

Here is a sneak preview of my post:

When Amelia asked me to contribute to this series of guest blog posts, I was willing to play along, but also wondered to myself “Why? My planner isn’t especially elaborate or scrapbooky!” But I started thinking about it, and surprisingly, somewhere along the way it did kind of develop into a planner with “art journaly” aspects.

……[In my planner] I thought that I’d buy all sorts of stickers and washi tape, and decorate my pages alongside with my appointments, to-do lists, and planned meals – and generally be all sorts of organized! But … I was all gung-ho about the format, and didn’t actually stop to think if I had enough actual “planning” data to fill them.

What actually happened, as I soon found out, is that I had lots of blank pages… the emptiness stared at me, and I stopped carrying it around with me. Which just was not acceptable! So instead, I started filling my blank spaces with doodles.

Read the rest of my guest post here.

Also take a look at the guest posts:

My ADHD Life Guest Blog: When The Cat Pukes On Your Planner, by Dawn Paoletta from Ethusiastically, Dawn.

My ADHD Life Guest Blog: Organized Chaos – Planning With A Purpose, by Jenise Spears from Neicy’s Notes.


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