Personal Planner Update

Just checking in on where I am with my personal planner. I’d been going back and forth about whether I wanted a weekly layout still or not, as I’d go weeks without filling in the days with anything and then feeling guilty about leaving them blank. I also tried a “big boxes” version (also available for download on the Pretty Pretty Planner‘s page), with more space and less boxes, but really missed the extra pop of color the box titles provided. So back to the default Junior-size Pretty Pretty Planner layout.


Pretty Pretty Planner, Junior Size

Really enjoying playing with some stickers some friends sent me.


Pretty Pretty Planner

LOVE these star stickers! Found at the Dollar Tree. They’re so sparkly!


Pretty Pretty Planner

Puffy stickers for the win!!


I just am really pleased with the colors of this planner, it makes me happy every time I look at it.


Pretty Pretty Planner

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