A peek into my Circa Personal Planner

Well, since I shared my work notebook earlier this week, I thought I’d share my personal planner too. Ever since my “planner epiphany” about it being okay to have separate planners, I’ve been implementing a lot of ideas I’ve seen online and from planner groups I participate in. Whereas before, when using one notebook or the other, alternating between letter-size and junior-size, when I used one I always had this tiny bit of guilt for not using the other. And just had this block about the uses for two planners. But now that I’ve stopped trying to pigeonhole both work and personal planners into one notebook, both are getting used. And it’s working! It sounds so stupidly common sense you guys, but for me, it’s a whole new approach. So here’s a peek into what I have developed so far.

Here’s the planner “dashboard” I made. A “dashboard” is a page of plastic or thicker paper where sticky notes, stickers, or other reusable items are kept for use in the planner. Here I had a page-finder sized piece of purple plastic (leftover from an old Circa tab divider I cut down for something else) that I wound some washi tape around. For the sticky post-it flags, I found these (found for a killer deal, 2 for $8 at Office Depot, WOO!)


and cut out the edges and stuck them to one of my plastic Martha Stewart Home Office by Avery tab dividers.


The colors are just so darned PRETTY!


But the flags started getting messed up by the cover pockets and sticking up funny. So I added a washi-taped cover (meaning I carefully removed the plastic cover from the wirebound notebook, bound the edges in washi tape, and punched it in my discbound punch) from a spiral-bound Martha Stewart Home Office by Avery notebook ($2 on clearance, love these sales!) as protection against getting caught in the pockets, and it serves as an extra semi-transparent dashboard surface too.


The first tab is for miscellaneous notes, to-dos, blank paper. Anything I jot down. The grid refill shown is my own creation, with grids on one side, dots on the other. It’s available under the “DIY Planner Templates” page.


The Agenda section consists of three planning calendars. First, a set of undated monthly calendars from a set called the Polka Dot Planner by SpringHomePrintables on Etsy. I don’t mind undated, I’m OK with writing in dates. The polka dots didn’t quite extend to the edge of my paper either (stupid printer!) but I’m okay with that too.


Trying out the Polka Dot Planner from SpringHomePrintables on Etsy.

The pastel-colored boxes are really cute! It’s a little light for my taste text wise, but I’m liking it.


Next, also from the same Polka Dot Planner set, an undated weekly agenda. I liked the dinner and fitness tracking. It’s almost too cute really. Not sure what I’ll use the tracking boxes (right-side page, lower left-corner) for yet, but something will come to me eventually.


Finally, the third calendar is my Quarter-Per-Page template, for long-term planning (again, available under “DIY Planner Templates”.)


Next section is called Money. Right now it’s just ruled paper I track my bills and finances on. If I find a good template I may add it here. Otherwise, nothing to see here so moving on to Lists, for lack of a better name. Here I’ll keep lists and reference items, pen ink samples, records of things I sell or ship, that kind of stuff. Basically my file cabinet.


Finally, the last section I just call “create”. Here I’ll keep doodles, sketches, etc and have blank watercolor paper. Behind this slightly oversized watercolor paper (that’s why it’s in the very back) is a Martha Stewart discbound pocket divider.


So that’s it! My planner so far. I am looking forward to seeing what else I can do with it.


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5 thoughts on “A peek into my Circa Personal Planner

  1. redharparts December 11, 2014 at 5:12 pm Reply

    Beautiful post and a beautiful planner! Thanks very much. I don’t normally receive catalogs but suddenly I’ve gotten a pile. A actually welcome one was the dedicated Circa catalog, which offers a 20% off and free shipping. Then there was this: discs that can hold a PEN! http://www.levenger.com/Circa-Clincher-Discs-1-1-2-inch-%28Set-of-11%29-Core-7554.aspx

  2. Elizabeth December 11, 2014 at 6:19 pm Reply

    Love it, well organized and fun at the same time, I’m using a Filofax as an organizer, but I’ll have a look at circa.

  3. Pao December 11, 2014 at 8:11 pm Reply

    very nice. 🙂 also, the Kakuno FP is soooo cute.

  4. Jody Gargiulo May 23, 2015 at 3:57 pm Reply

    Hey I know someone that makes a planner that is beautiful. It’s called the pretty pretty planner, you should try it, LOL I love it, but this one is pretty cute to. Lucky you, you can design your own.

    • pensandart May 29, 2015 at 3:28 am Reply

      Haha, thanks Jody!! I appreciate the Pretty Pretty Planner love. 🙂

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