Planner Epiphanies

Well, I’ve decided (haha, however long this decision may last this time around) to use my Junior Circa for personal use only, NO WORK. Work goes in the Letter size. And my big epiphany while I was sick at home pondering refill pages recently? IT’S OK TO NOT HAVE BOTH IN ONE NOTEBOOK. I have issues, I know 😀 But that’s been a huge block for me, trying to have both in one.

So when I was sitting browsing through the planner pages on Etsy, feeling too lazy and uninspired to make my own, saying “oh, cause THAT’S realistic” to the Hallmark channel movie, I found a lot of cute ones. It was a hard decision! I don’t need heavy-duty planning, so a generic weekly view would probably work. This is my leading contender so far, the 2015 Planner from “505design“. There’s also a weekly appointment style version here. I like the bright colors, cute but not way overdone visually like some of them. Now to figure out printing, my least favorite part of the process! Anyone else use this refill, or have any favorites they recommend?

Test printouts are shown below in my Levenger Circa Junior notebook with aluminum discs.



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