Field Notes ‘Ambition’ Edition

I HAZ THEM!! The new Field Notes ‘Ambition’ Edition has arrived, and it is drop-dead GORGEOUS.


The gloriously gold-gilded pages are a little stiff when first opened, but soon gain their flexibility back. They can scratch easily, as I made a mark in mine trying to get the darn shrink-wrap off.


The red has grid paper, the brown undated weekly agenda pages, and the green ledger paper.


I am an on-again, off-again Field Notes user, as the paper is terrible with fountain pens but the size and style is delectable. The paper in this edition is horrendous as usual, but oh so pretty! I have been drawing my own weekly agenda boxes in my other Field Notes, so love that they finally created a notebook just for that! And that it’s undated!


Love how light the lines are! There’s nothing more annoying than a grid paper with distractingly dark lines. And gold staples!


The ledger paper is so unique! Not gonna lie, the accountant in me is going SQUUEEEE! Now I want to ledger something….

And finally, some fountain pen love, just because the gold nib of my Lamy Studio matches the gold details of these notebooks so well.



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