Staples Arc Black Leather Cover with Closure

My planner friends have been going on about this new Staples Arc Cover with Tab Closure lately, so I had to try it out. For only $11 online, how could I not? It’s uniquely different from the other Arc notebook leather covers in that it’s made of a soft flexible leather, whereas the others are a rigid stiff leather. It also has a tab closure whereas the others have no closure. Unfortunately it’s only available online, but here are some pics of my new cover in action. Of course the first thing I had to do is ditch the Arc discs and use some of my Levenger Circa discs instead.


Staples Arc Black Leather Cover with Closure and Levenger Circa Spectra Discs.

It’s weird how flippety-floppety this cover is. The edges curl up oddly, yet somehow its lighter and takes up less room on the discs than the normal leather covers. The black is a little boring, but a lot of people online liked how it resembles a more traditional planner/filofax because of the tab closure.


I’m not sure how I feel about it yet! Will play a bit more and see.


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