New Staples Arc cover love

So, I know. I’m always saying, over and over again, how I never end up using leather covers for very long in my discbound notebooks. I get tempted by their pretty leather colors and how nice they look, so get one on impulse. Soon to realize, nope, can’t use them after all.

They’re just so thick, they take up too much precious room on my standard 3/4″ discs! And yes, I can get bigger discs, but bigger discs = heavier, less portable, and take up more room in my bag. And have you SEEN those 2 and 3″ discs? They’re almost grotesque, how huge they are. Like little appetizer plates sticking out of your notebook spine, like little tumors. BLEGH.

And I NEED to be able to fold my notebook over on itself, which is hard to do with leather covers. That’s what notebooks do. There’s something so efficient and elegant about smoothly folding a notebook page over to the back. Like look at me! I have all this desk space free now!! So without fail, eventually I go back to my trusty clear plastic cover with scrapbook paper flysheets. Ah, sweet plastic. BUT … this teal is pretty darned sweet. And look how awesome it is with copper!

This is a cycle permanently on repeat.

In today’s most recent installment, after seeing pics online and yet never ever in the stores the past few years, Staples has put their Junior size quilted Arc covers on clearance for only $9.99. I couldn’t resist the price, even if shipping was exactly the same amount (at least it was quick!). Because TEAL.

So it arrived yesterday, and IT IS SO PRETTY! I recently bought some 1″ copper aluminum discs from Levenger (who are no longer making new colors of their aluminum discs in 3/4″ GRRR), and this seemed like the perfect complement to the teal.


I was instantly enamoured with this combination, and visions of making copper dividers to match, all pretty pretty planner like, popped into my head. I scurried into the hubby’s office and grabbed our stash of metallic copper cardstock leftover from our DIY wedding invitations three years ago. It’s the perfect match!


I also discovered that my Levenger SmartPlanner tabs looked perfect with these colors too! I wasn’t planning on reordering, as the format didn’t work for me – but maybe I could find a way to reuse these old month tabs!



I even tried sandwiching one of the month tabs between two halves of cardstock, and washi taping them together.


Alas, I soon realized that was WAY more work than I wanted to do. So for now, I will go through my well-traveled paces with this new pretty, knowing eventually the copper discs will be joined by my tried and true plastic cover.

Unless this is finally THE ONE. Stay tuned friends, as this drama will most definitely continue.



Levenger Circa Aluminum Discs in Copper


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2 thoughts on “New Staples Arc cover love

  1. Shannon January 5, 2015 at 11:29 pm Reply

    Hi there! Love your planner…looking to revamp mine and wondered where you got your refills from (not the Levenger ones…the one that shows apts. and notes.) Thanks!

    • pensandart January 5, 2015 at 11:36 pm Reply

      Hi Shannon. It’s a template I made. Click on the link at the top of the blog page that says DIY Planner Templates – all my templates are free to download.

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