IT’S SO PINK! So, I made a thing today ….

So there is a big sale going on at Staples this weekend, where you get a free ‘going green’ tote bag, and everything you put in it is 20% off. Of course I had to check out what was available, and found this Martha Stewart Home Office collection notebook on clearance. I was immediately smitten with the semi-transparent pale pink patterned cover. My first thought was – I’m SO gonna Arc that!!


First step, remove the pretty pink covers from the rest of the notebook, and carefully trace over the existing Staples Arc compact cover on it, and cut with scissors (I didn’t have access to a paper cutter, so my lines are not perfect).


The finished result, look how pretty!!!


I made the bejeweled homemade file divider the last time I customized my Staples Arc notebook. Then also on clearance was able to get a pack of letter-size Martha Steward brand multi-colored tab dividers for the Martha Stewart system. I took the gray semi-transparent one and cut it down, getting two additional tabs out of it that I finished off with washi tape.


The pencil case I bought on clearance at Office Depot for ONE DOLLAR!!! It’s an amazing iridescent glitterly case that really complements my new notebook colors.


Pretty pretty pretty.




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One thought on “IT’S SO PINK! So, I made a thing today ….

  1. redharparts October 11, 2014 at 4:43 am Reply

    Very pretty! I got some Arc on sale today, too!

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