Top 10 Challenges of Being a Pen Collector

Rebecca posted the “Top 10 Challenges of Being a Pen Collector“, which I thought were fantastic:

  1. Ink stained hands.
  2. Indexing your beautifully drafted Apache Sunset notes.
  3. Deciding which pen is the best for that important meeting or interview.
  4. Refraining from saying “No” when asked if you have a pen to borrow.
  5. Staying off of Jet Pens even though you know you don’t have the budget.
  6. Not letting your ink addiction become just as bad as your pen addiction.
  7. Not making a horrified face when you are handed a Bic stick on a string to sign a document.
  8. Justifying to your family why $100 pen is reasonable and necessary purchase.
  9. Displaying your amazing collection.
  10. Explaining why you have a syringe at an arms reach.


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