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More Happy Yellow Rhodia Peeks

How I’ve felt all week really haha.


Short and sweet today! I just liked the plane and text colors. 😀



Quo Vadis Habana in Raspberry

Oh you guys. The raspberry Habana is really really pretty too. This was the straggler from my notebook buying spree on ebay.


Rhodiarama in Lilac

Seriously you guys, I need to be stopped. I’m so lucky the husband is never on Instagram or Twitter or he might question my recent office supply impulse buys. So Shhhhh. (But OMG THIS RHODIARAMA LILAC COLOR!!)


Such a pretty pretty color. What makes it even more of an impulse buy is its LINED. I wanted blank so at least I could justify it as a backup to the Happy Yellow Rhodia. But nobody has blank anywhere, and I NEEDED this color.


Quo Vadis Habana Duo

I may have caved and bought a smaller lined 4×6 Quo Vadis Habana notebook too. The big one was awfully big to carry around all the time. I may have a problem, I admit.

The lined paper of the Quo Vadis Habana is actually really nice too.

Just playing with the new 4×6 Habana, the paper looks great with Diamine Ancient Copper.

Art Journal Sneak Peeks

Sharing a peek into my happy yellow Rhodiarama art(ish) journal. Carefully censored, of course 😀


I’m not sharing this to brag about birthday stuffs! But I’ve thought about starting a little bitty art journal for a long time now, and was always so intimidated to get started, you know? So now I’m just really proud of myself for keeping it up a whole week now. And am interested in documenting its evolution. Some days its more plain text and wordiness, and some days I jazz it up a little if I feel creative. It all depends on the mood I’m in.


I find it interesting I don’t mind posting snippets here, but would think twice about handing it to someone casually for them to look at. Ah, the Internets. You sneaky thing you! That tug of war between wanting to share and sharing too much. If I were still in school I’d totally write a paper about that, cause that is fascinating stuffs. 😀



The New Hotness in a Moko Case

This new tablet case is just so fantastic. A murky, mottled dark gden orangey yellow. It’s a Moko Smart-shell Stand Case from Amazon.


Husband was helping to set up the device the morning I got it, and we were rushed cause stupid work had to happen. So he’s all, what is the device name? And I’m like ummmm “New Hotness.” Because that line from Men In Black is apparently forever ingrained in my brain.

IMG_20140623_163008 IMG_20140623_163413

The side view if the Moko Smart-shell Stand Case (purchased from Amazon). Reviews on Amazon said the stand worked horribly, but its working well for me so far! Love this thing.

Settlers of Catan

Introduced the family to Settlers of Catan during a belated birthday celebration. And I won, woohoo!!