What My Pens Are Named – Part 6

What My Pens Are Named – Part 6


Continuing the “What My Pens Are Named” series, my white Lamy is named the Snow Queen. NOT Elsa from Frozen! I had the traditional Hans Christian Andersen Snow Queen in mind here, way before Disney made their movie. 🙂


This was a tough pen to name! I pondered Scarlett, Carmen, Ruby, Lola, Rose…. Nothing seemed to fit! So instead, it is just Red.


My pink Lamy is Strawberry Shortcake. I got this not long after Skeletor and Papa Smurf, so was still in my cartoon phase haha. And I loved that cartoon as a kid.

Neon Coral:

I named my new Neon Coral pen! It is such a happy coraly tropical color, I named it after the beautiful Bougainvillea flowers I saw while vacationing in the Caribbean last year. So, Bogie for short. 😀 Which just brings Humphrey Bogart to mind, which seems incongruent with a pink red pen, but I actually kinda love that too.

All of them together:


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