What My Pens Are Named – Part 1

These are the first three fountain pens I ever bought – so of course, I gave the trio matching names.

This is my very first fountain pen ever, the Lamy Safari Charcoal bought back in December 2008 at a local art store – I named all my pens, so because of this one’s charcoally nature and because I love the movie, it was dubbed The Dread Pirate Roberts.

Seriously, before a week was out I’d bought my second fountain pen, the Blue with black clip. Because it was so very deep blue, of course it became Indigo Montoya, a play on the movie’s Inigo Montoya. Shown here is the silver clipped version, technically Indigo Montoya II.

Who else could my third pen be but Princess Buttercup?? Again the II. The first one with the black clip somehow got some contaminated ink and has smelled gross ever since, no matter how I clean it. So she’s currently in quarantine indefinitely – this is Princess Buttercup II. I’ll start posting more pics of my pens and their names eventually, but this concludes the Princess Bride Trilogy.

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