Latest Ink Samplers


Latest ink sampler trials… some thoughts on these colors:

  • Noodler’s Apache Sunset – I’ve seen some glorious screenshots on FPN of this ink in fancy nibbed pens, but in my Lamy? Just way too light for me to use. If I want an orange accent color, I’d rather use Caran d’Ache’s (NEWLY DISCONTINUED, BOO) Saffron – it doesn’t have the shading of Apache Sunset, but in my fine Lamy’s that doesn’t really matter anyways
  • Diamine Ochre – looks more coppery when wet, but dries to this mid-tone brownish shade, much like the Private Reserve Copper Burst that I never use because its not coppery enough. It’s okay, but I’d always go with Diamine Ancient Copper instead given the choice
  • Diamine Meadow – I like it, it’s a very Spring/Summer shade of green, and not too bright or too wet
  • Pilot Iroshizuku Murasaki-Shikibu – holy moley what a name! it’s a pretty purple, VERY wet – made my Lamy 1.1 nib look way fatter than the other colors I tested. Very close in color to Diamine Majestic Purple, just a shade more toned down I think, with a bit less red in it
  • Private Reserve DC Electric Blue – seems wet enough, a nice deep cobalty blue, but not ‘wowing’ me – I think Bay State Blue has ruined me.

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