2021 Pretty Pretty Planner now available!

Hi all. Many apologies for the delays in uploading these. I have now updated links to the following 2021 versions on their appropriate pages:

Big Boxes
Monthly Monday Start
Monthly Sunday Start

Big Boxes Monday Start
7 Columns Sunday Start
Monthly Monday Start
Monthly Sunday Start
Half Year
Business Week 1pg

More version updates may come down the road. Thanks as always for your support!

Pretty Pretty Planner 2021

Hi everyone. I have been getting lots of questions on whether 2021 is coming. 2020 being what it was, I did not update the planners in advance. But some 2021 will be coming in the next week or so, just not EVERY version. (In the meantime, if you are into Letter size there are a number of undated templates available too.) So sorry for the post-new year lateness, and stay tuned to see if your favorite version is one that gets updated.

Vintage Type Planner Downloads Are Up!


Dated prototypes for the new Vintage Type planner are now available to download in Junior (half-letter) and A5 Slim (TN-size, about 1″ narrower than Junior as shown above).  Check out the new link in the menu bar at the top of the page, and be sure to download the fonts package and install those too!


Letter may come in the future as I figure out how to do a layout with all that space that still captures the same style and functionality.


In the meantime, those of you that feel like experimenting with these, please share your thoughts and especially your pics!! (I’ve been using #vintagetypeplanner on Instagram so far.)

Missing dates found in Pretty Pretty Planner Junior!

Hi everyone. Please read – an issue was reported in the Big Boxes Junior version where the dates of Dec 10 – 12 are missing, throwing off the sequence for December 2020. I have confirmed this is an issue in Big Boxes.

Since I used all of these as guides to update the dates of other Junior versions, there is a chance other versions are impacted too. I will be evaluating, fixing and reposting ASAP.

Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause or have caused, it’s easy to miss some dates when updating these. 😬 It’s why I appreciate you all for serving as my proofing team!


UPDATE 01/05/2020: I have confirmed it was only the Junior BigBoxes version and that has been fixed and a new PDF uploaded – please redownload to get the corrected version of the December 2020 dates.

If you need fonts for these planners …

I’m exploring an issue with my new Vintage Type planner prototype where the PDF says the correct fonts are embedded, but they are not actually printing the designated fonts. Which makes me wonder if that has been a problem for anybody else. Just in case, I have provided all the fonts at the bottom of each download page – if you are uncertain or your printouts don’t match the screenshots, download and install the fonts and that should resolve the issue. Thanks!

New Prototype Idea

Playing around with an idea for a new planner layout (looking for a clean, simple, more vintage/typographical heavy look, hence the tentative “Vintage Type” name) – something completely different from my current colorful Pretty Pretty Planner style. Not sure how it will flesh out yet, but so far it’s looking like this. Thoughts?




Reminder! If you are using the Pretty Pretty Planner….

….Please share pics!! Seeing everybody use them and hearing your comments is what keeps me updating them every year. If you do post pics, please use hashtags #prettyprettyplanner and/or #prettyprettyplanner2020! If you blog or post about them elsewhere, please link back to me here so I can see. Thank you!!! ❤

2020 is LIVE!!!

Happy New Year everyone!! The 2020 planner printables are now live! Thanks again for your patience.

Some notes:

  • You must open them in Adobe Acrobat X or compatible reader; you do not need a password to open and print them. If its asking for a password you don’t have the right version of PDF viewer.
  • If you see any typos, bad dates or copy/paste errors or other things that need fixing, as always please let me know
  • There are some new versions like a letter size quarterly and letter size “big boxes”; likewise there are some versions that may not have been updated
  • Special sizes like MiniHappyPlanner or TN (A5 Slim) sized downloads are under the Extras and Prototypes page

Happy planning!!

2020 Pages

Hi everyone! Seasons Greetings!!

I know you’ve been waiting patiently for the 2020 Pretty Pretty Planner. I apologize for the delay …. these are a labor of love and life got crazy hectic this holiday, but they are almost finished! Have the Letter sizes done, just finishing up Junior sizes now. I should have them posted for download by New Years, if not sooner.

Thanks again for your support and enthusiasm for these planner pages.

New Printables! But not 2020 yet.

Hey everyone. I have some new printables that I’ve been playing with. Not the regular lineup for 2020 yet (I know that school is starting and you will be looking for them!) ….. I will be getting started on those soon.

As usual, all Junior Size download links are listed at the bottom of the Junior Pretty Pretty Planner page. All A5 Slim pages are at the bottom of the Extras/Prototypes page. Also as usual, all downloads are in a locked PDF format that allows printing only (no password necessary to open and print, you must have Adobe X compatible PDF reader).


2019 Quarterly Calendar (Dated)

“Better Midori” 1 page version (Undated)

Weekly Dashboard (Undated)

A5 Slim (TN size) Weekly Dashboard (On the PPP Extras/Prototypes page!)

Meal Planner (Undated)